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Frontier Airlines All-You-Can-Fly Flight Pass Now from $299 ✈️🎟️

Unlimited Flights from September 2nd to February 29th for $299 + Taxes & Fees: Is It Worth It for You?

for $299

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Fan of bottomless coffee or all-you-can-eat buffets? Frontier's all-you-can-fly flight pass might just be your cup of... bottomless coffee, then. But even if not, this strong value proposition from America's beloved low-cost carrier could be worth it, but only if you make good use of it! Moreover, they've knocked the price for the winter pass down to an attractive $299 — the cheapest we saw for the summer pass was $399.

The obvious, and what could be considered a catch depending on who you're talking to, is that you'll only be able to fly Frontier flights. Someone based near a Frontier hub with lots of nonstop flights (think Colorado, Florida, New York, or Texas, for example), could really take advantage of this deal and avoid having layovers for the most part.


The value of this deal really just depends on where you're based and what kind of travel you plan to take during between September 2nd, 2023 and February 29th, 2024. Here's where Frontier currently flies to, which includes nice sunny winter spots like Costa Rica, Florida, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic:

But rather than give you tons of examples that won't apply to most, head to the Frontier website and see if it makes sense for yourself.

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This deal could be gone at anytime, so if you can make use of it, buy it now!

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