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This MSC Repositioning Cruise Starts at $31 a Night ☀️🛳️

Take a 16-Night Transatlantic Cruise from $499!

from $499

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Any time you can book a cruise for $31 it's worth knowing about, and this repositioning cruise from Barcelona to Miami we found opens up a world of possibilities. A good way to look at it: a one-way flight from Barcelona to Miami wouldn't cost must less than $499, so instead, why not book an entire 16-night cruise with meals and more included to get to the same place?

This repositioning cruise is so cheap because MSC needs to reposition their ship, but would prefer to try and earn back some of the cost of doing so. In being so, dates are limited to one sailing leaving from Berclona on November 28th.

Travel Period

November 2023 - December 2023


Once clicking through below, you'll have to search for "16 night transatlantic cruise" to find this one — they have other repositioning cruises on offer, but the one featured below offers the best value.

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What about Getting to Barcelona?

Flights start at $286 for many dates in November, so choose how long you want to stay in Barcelona and book accordingly — or add a few more stops in there like a true pirate!

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