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🧍‍♀️🌏 Traveling Alone as a Woman: Egypt 🇪🇬

Ahoy pirates! Are you just as keen to travel as we are, but unfortunately, things are different in your environment? You don't have anyone at your side who could travel with you? Or do you just want to go out into the wide world all by yourself? 💪
Then you may have wondered what the best destinations are for women traveling alone! Where is it safe? Which destinations are suitable for new solo travelers? Where is it easy to make friends? Where can you work remotely for longer periods? 🌏
We pirates want to answer these and other questions for you! From now on, we will regularly introduce you to travel destinations where we have already traveled alone and tell you about our experiences 🧘‍♀️
Today we introduce you to Egypt!

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Ahoy pirates! I'm Chrissi and I provide you with the latest travel deals every day on our Instagram channel. In the past, I've often been on vacation with my partner or friends, but I also like to travel alone. I love traveling alone and leaving my comfort zone. I have been traveling to Egypt regularly for around two years. With this report, I would like to show you that you can also travel alone through the country as a woman and feel safe!

Please note: This report is only based on my personal experience and may, of course, differ from other people's experiences.

How Long Were You There?

I was there for over a year and explored Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Nubian Village, and the region around the Red Sea.

How Safe Did You Feel There?

Very safe! Even safer than in some parts of Germany.

Of course, as a Western woman in a Muslim country, you attract a lot of attention. Outside the tourist attractions, you will often be approached by self-appointed guides, store owners, etc. If you remain distant and friendly, you shouldn't have any problems here.

You should also dress respectfully in Egypt. It is not necessary to wear long clothes or even a headscarf, but out of respect for the culture, I wore knee-length skirts or pants and no plunging necklines.

Would you also recommend Egypt for first-time solo travelers?

I can recommend Egypt as a country for solo travelers. The people here are very friendly and helpful, you will meet other solo travelers in some places, especially in Dahab and El Gouna. Egypt is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world who want to experience the country's rich history, ancient sights, cuisine and natural beauty. Be it the underwater world of the Red Sea, the temples in Luxor, the pyramids in Giza or the vibrant city of Cairo. Here you can easily go on a discovery tour on your own.

How did you get around locally?

Locally, I mostly used an Uber - the drivers are very reliable, (usually) have a good car and the prices are fair. I also liked using the public microbuses. You can be driven around the city for the equivalent of 10 cents.

Do you have any more tips?

  • Learn the language: If you are planning to travel through Egypt for a while and have an affinity for the language, I can recommend learning a few words of Arabic-Egyptian. This will immediately make you likable to the locals and you will be treated with more respect.

  • Be careful with advances from local men: As a Western woman, you attract a lot of attention. It can happen more often that you receive advances from local men. I recommend being careful here, as the intention behind them is not always entirely clear.


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