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Travel Destination Dupes of 2024📍🗺️

Travel dupes are a rising trend at the moment, with concerns over over-tourism and negative carbon footprints. We've discovered some great alternatives for some of the world's most popular destinations, many of which are easier to reach from the US, and some are even located within the US, requiring no passport to visit. Consider visiting Grutas Tolantongo in Mexico instead of Pamukkale in Turkey; explore Bacalar, Mexico, as an alternative to the Maldives; opt for Yoho National Park over the super popular Banff, and explore many other options listed below.

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Instead of the Maldives, Travel to Bacalar

Located in Mexico, with its closest airport being in Tulum, you can visit the region of Bacalar. Bacalar is often referred to as the Maldives of Mexico because of its turquoise waters and overwater huts scattered around the region.

Instead of Cappadocia, Travel to New Mexico

Did you know there are rock formations in New Mexico that resemble the “fairy chimneys” found in the Cappadocia region of Turkey? Particularly, in a national park called Kasha-Katuwe. However, at the moment, this national park is closed to the public. Additionally, to add to the Cappadocia vibe, there’s the Albuquerque Balloon Festival that happens every October. So, you’ll be able to get your hot air balloon fix in New Mexico as well.

Instead of Cappadocia, Visit Matera, Italy

Though Matera is also in Europe, it is an easier destination to reach than Cappadocia. There are flights directly to nearby Bari that you can occasionally find for as low as $400 round trip from various U.S. airports. Matera offers cave accommodations and stunning scenery. Plus, being in Italy means you’ll also be treated to fantastic cuisine.

Instead of Hawaii, Opt for the Azores Islands

The Azores islands are a chain of Portuguese islands in the Atlantic. The lush green scenery and volcanic beaches mimic those found in Hawaii. Though the Azores are not necessarily cheaper to fly to than Hawaii, and a passport is required to visit, you’ll find accommodation and general expenses to be much more affordable than what you'd find in Hawaii.

Instead of Bolivia’s Salt Flats, Visit Utah’s Salt Flats

Did you know there are salt flats in the great state of Utah? The Bonneville Salt Flats are located in northwestern Utah, just a few hours from Salt Lake City. While you might spend upwards of $1,000 to get to the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, you can visit salt flats in the comfort of your own country.

Instead of Crete, visit Bermuda

Pink sand beaches are on the rise, and although the Greek island of Crete is a great place to experience this natural beauty, Bermuda also boasts pink sand beaches and is a lot cheaper and quicker to reach with nonstop flights from New York starting from the low $200s.

Instead of Lake Louise in Banff, Visit Emerald Lake in British Columbia

When people think of Banff, they envision the vibrant blue waters of Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. Not too far away from Banff National Park lies another national park in British Columbia known as Yoho National Park. In Yoho, there’s a particular lake that offers similar scenery to that of Lake Louise, called Emerald Lake.

Instead of Banff, Visit Glacier National Park

Looking for a no-passport-needed dupe for Banff? You’ll be excited to know that there is a national park in the U.S. that offers vibrant blue mountain lakes and also has the Rockies passing right through it. Glacier National Park is located in Montana and should not be overlooked.

Instead of Southeast Asia, visit Huasteca, Mexico

Huasteca is located in central Mexico, not too far from Mexico City. This particular region is known for its stunning waterfalls and turquoise rivers, resembling something you'd see in Thailand and Laos.

Instead of Pamukkale, Turkiye, Visit Grutas Tolantongo

Grutas Tolantongo is also near Mexico City and offers natural, unique cliffside pools layered upon each other. The pools are geothermal hot springs, making for the ultimate wellness escape. You'll also find stunning waterfalls and rivers within this region.

Instead of Orlando, visit Pigeon Forge

Orlando is the notorious theme park destination, but have you considered Pigeon Forge in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee? In Pigeon Forge, you’ll find Dollywood, a theme park created by the queen herself, Dolly Parton. You’ll also find other incredible theme parks like Ripley's Super Fun Park.

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