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This May Be the New Best Way to See the Swiss Alps 🇨🇭 🏔️

Check out the new Goldenpass Express Train in Switzerland with rotating seats and panoramic windows treating you to incredible views of the Alps. Embark on a journey from the Lake Geneva village of Montreux to the central mountainous village of Interlaken. A 3-hour-and-15-minute long ride that takes you along turquoise rivers and lakes and brings you to the peak of the Bernese Alps. You can book tickets and reserve second-class seats for around $79 USD, or opt for a 1st class or prestige experience for more. Learn more on how to book below.

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The Experience

Embark on a journey with no transfers from the French speaking village of Montreux that sits along the eastern end of Lake Geneva to the German speaking village of Interlaken set in the peaks of the Bernese Alps. The journey in total is just over three hours and guests have the option to choose between three classes; 2nd, 1st, and Prestige.

(Images: ©MOB - GoldenPass, 2023)

(Images: ©MOB - GoldenPass, 2023)

Read more about the amenities in each class below:

  • Second Class: Offers comfortable seats

  • 1st Class: Offers comfortable seats with more leg room

  • Prestige Class: There are roughly 14 seats in Prestige Class that are heated, recline, and rotate to directly face the window, for most incredible uninterrupted views.

*Local products are offered as food and beverage for all classes.

(Images: ©MOB - GoldenPass, 2023)

(Images: ©MOB - GoldenPass, 2023)

How to Book

Tickets can be purchased no later than two months before the scheduled journey. To book, request the journey from Montreux to Interlaken Ost (East).


*Prices based on the ticket, along with a highly-recommended seat reservation.

  • Second Class: ~73 CHF or $79 USD

  • First Class: ~93 CHF or $100 USD

  • Prestige Class: ~128 CHF or $138 USD

Verdict: Though, it's around $60 more than the lowest ticket point in second class, the Prestige class does offer great amenities for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with fully panoramic windows and comfy rotating seats. So we would choose the Prestige Class experience.

(Images: ©MOB - GoldenPass, 2023)

(Images: ©MOB - GoldenPass, 2023)

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