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  • This Italian Village Plans to Fine 'Lingering' Tourists Taking Selfies
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This Italian Village Plans to Fine 'Lingering' Tourists Taking Selfies 📷

Portofino on the Italian Riviera is going to start fining tourists €275 ($300) for lingering while taking selfies - bad news for influencers but good news for locals?

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If you love taking selfies, then we'd advise giving Portofino in Italy a miss as the town will be introducing 'no waiting zones' to stop tourists and influencers from lingering and taking pictures.

And if you break the rules, you can expect a fine of €275 ($300) 😲

The Mayor of Portofino, Matteo Viacava, has said tourists are causing “anarchic chaos” when they stop all of the traffic to take selfies.

Portofino has a permanent population of around 500 residents but during the peak vacation months, thousands of tourists descend on the village to take pictures of the brightly colored houses and pretty harbor.

What do you reckon, Pirates? Is this a reasonable reaction or a bit much?