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Aerial View, Andalusia, Architecture

There's a Smurf Village in Andalusia 🇪🇸 🌀

Júzcar, a small town in the south of Spain, about 20 km from Ronda, was one of the many white pueblos typical of Andalusia (there are more than 1,500 such towns throughout the country) and did not stand out. And then suddenly...

Published by
Lady Mermaid Blue·10/14/2022

... in 2011, there was a breakthrough! All thanks to thousands of liters of blue paint!

Why? Well, Hollywood producer Sony Pictures Spain was premiering the movie "Smurfs 3D" at the time and was looking for a way to promote it. They proposed transforming Júzcar into a blue Smurf Village to promote the newly released film and draw attention to the town, which would now become a tourist destination.

On December 18th, 2011, Júzcar held a referendum, and residents agreed to the changes. That's how the Smurf Village came into being.

The entire town was painted blue, including the church and town hall. You can find some fairy tale characters hidden in the building's walls, and there is no shortage of giant sculptures of Papa Smurf, Dragonfly, or Smurfette. You will find a Smurf looking out from around the corner or another character from this legendary fairy tale at every turn.

After promoting the film, the township was to be repainted white again... At least, that's what the agreement Sony made with the town's authorities stated.

Júzcar received an average of about 9,000 tourists a year before its blue makeover. After the change, 90,000 tourists passed through in the first six months.

Remaining the Village of the Smurfs proved far more profitable for Júzcar and its residents than returning to the appearance of one of Andalusia's many traditional villages.

Since 2011, many new restaurants, hostels, parking zones, and other public buildings have been built here, so the town is embracing its blue colors. It is estimated that about 250 tourists pass through Smurf Village daily!

You can explore the town on your own, but we recommend you take a look at the information desk, where a map of the "Smurf Village" will explain where to look for the most important spots.

One of our favorite plans is the Smurf Tapas Trail (Ruta de la Pitu-Tapa). It includes a visit to three establishments:

  • El Rincón de Alicia cafe

  • El Casarón tavern

  • The bar at El Bandolero hotel

On weekends, Júzcar also offers a ton of additional activities for adults and children. Face painting, manual workshops, and performances are organized, which are sure to please the youngest visitors the most.

✈️ Flights

The nearest airport is Malaga. You can search for flights here:

🚗 Car Rental

The most convenient way to get to Pueblo Pitufo is by car. You can rent a car here:

🛏 Accommodations

If you are looking for reliable and affordable accommodations we've got you covered:

One more thing: Smurfette stands right in front of the church and invites you inside.

Oh, and don't be confused! Smurfs in Spanish are Los Pitufos! Papa Smurf is Papa Pitufo, and Smurfette is Pitufina.

So there you go!

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