Basel, Schweiz

The Safest Cities in Europe: Where Would You Like to Go? 🇪🇺

We thought we'd help you choose a destination for your next trip to Europe with this ranking which lists the safest cities in all of Europe, where you can travel with peace of mind!

The ranking is drawn up by the European Best Destinations website, which has identified destinations where theft, crime rate, and inconvenience for tourists in general are lower than the European average, thus making them the safest destinations in Europe.

The complete ranking below: what do you think?

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The Safest Cities in Europe

If Switzerland (perhaps unsurprisingly) dominates, with 4 cities in the top ten and also the record for the city with the lowest crime rate in Europe, you will also find equally safe, but perhaps more exciting cities such as Vienna, Porto, Reykjavik, Lisbon, Edinburgh, and Malaga in the top 20.

Here are the best 10, for the complete ranking with all the explanations of the case take a look at the European Best Destinations website!

And you, Pirates, where would you go among the cities in this ranking?

1. Basel

2. Geneva

3. Warsaw

4. Ljubljana

5. Zurich

6. Porto

7. Bern

8. Zagreb

9. Reykjavik

10. Split