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Australia, City of Perth, Oceania

The Best Destinations of 2023 According to Lonely Planet! 🌍 🏆

Pirates, we recently told you about the best destinations to discover in 2023 according to National Geographic, today we give Lonely Planet a turn, with their list of the Best in Travel for 2023!

The experts of the publishing house of perhaps the best-known tourist guides in the world have compiled the ranking for next year, and this year the destinations are divided into five categories based on the type of experiences that can be had while traveling: Flavors, Itineraries, Connections, Discoveries, Relax, in order to offer something suitable for each type of traveler!

Let's find out together which are the recommended destinations in 2023 and run to pack our bags, perhaps by booking one of the TravelPirates offers!

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Best in Travel 2023 Lonely Planet

Here are the best destinations selected for next year by Lonely Planet, with this declared goal: "to inspire you to travel to places you hadn't considered yet and for reasons you hadn't thought about yet".


Let's start with the category where the only Italian destination is present! Here, taste is king in all its forms: from street food to haute cuisine restaurants!


Lonely Planet recommends choosing Perugia as a starting point and enjoying not only Umbrian cuisine but also the excitement for the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Perugino, master of the Renaissance. Without forgetting the fiftieth edition of Umbria Jazz!

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

A multicultural city that offers experiences for all the senses, and taste is no exception. Street food stalls that tempt us everywhere, colorful markets that offer delicious snacks, and lively nightlife: for these reasons, the Malaysian capital is highly recommended!

Fukuoka (Japan)

Located in southern Japan, welcoming Fukuoka has a respectable culinary scene, ranging from a large number of street food vendors to Hakata Ramen, which is named after one of the city's districts and is renowned throughout the world.

South Africa

It's not just its renowned wines anymore: the South African food scene is making great strides thanks to a new generation of chefs.

Lima (Peru)

A real gastronomic paradise, known for its ceviche and Pisco-based cocktails: the Peruvian capital is also the right place to taste fresh seafood and explore all the variations of the country's cuisine.


You don't want adventure, discovery, adrenaline, but for you the moment of the holidays is above all that of relaxation? Here are the perfect destinations for you!

Chalkidiki Peninsula (Greece)

For a long time little considered by tourism in favor of the islands further south, the Chalkidiki peninsula offers enchanting beaches and is easily reachable with low-cost flights from Thessaloniki.


Transitioning to an independent republic from the British monarchy by 2025, the country is also building new hotels without losing its wild green soul, with rainforests and crystalline beaches perfect for relaxation


The so-called "island of nature" is among the least visited destinations in the Caribbean, but now the arrival of new flights from Miami and a luxury resort promises to change that.

Raja Ampat (Indonesia)

The archipelago is renowned for its coral reefs and beaches, and an alternative to the better-known Indonesian islands, perhaps by renting a dive boat also equipped for sleeping on board.


Frequented above all by European tourists, also due to the great availability of low cost flights, Malta is beginning to attract tourists from all over the world thanks to its lively capital and its perfect sea for diving.


Here are some proposals where what counts, more than the destination, is a specific itinerary that is not to be missed!

Train from Istanbul, Turkiye to Sofia, Bulgaria

The recently refurbished night train between Istanbul and Sofia takes you from the bustling city bridging East and West to the tranquil Bulgarian capital in 11 hours.

Nova Scotia (Canada)

The best way to visit this Canadian province is a road trip through its seaside villages.


The Trans Bhutan Trail, an ancient pilgrimage trail, was reopened two months ago after being completely restored: 250 miles for one of the most spectacular treks in the world.

Western Australia

It would take a lot of time available, but the immense Western Australia offers many possibilities for an unforgettable journey perhaps with an epic on the road.


Bathing on the edge of a mighty waterfall, walking safaris: these are just some of the possible experiences in a country in which to re-establish contact with nature.


Not just places to see, but experiences from which to learn so much about others, about the world, and about ourselves, and go home enriched.

New Mexico (USA)

The "land of enchantment", in the south-west of the United States, is inhabited by 23 native tribes, and is therefore an ideal place to discover their culture, art and music, without forgetting the natural beauty of this area !

Dresden (Germany)

The Saxon city on the banks of the Elbe has a long history of rebirth after the devastating bombing raids of 1945, and next year the Altmarkt will also be renovated, in time for one of the largest and most ancients of the world.

El Salvador

The Central American country is trying to establish itself as an international destination for surf lovers, but it has much more to offer in its forward-looking regeneration momentum.

Southern Scotland (UK)

It's easy to reach Scotland, but instead of the renowned Highlands why not explore the Borders and southern Scotland, less frequented destinations but perfect for learning more about the history of the country?

Marseille (France)

Marseille is multifaceted: seaside and urban, French and Mediterranean, modern and historic. In addition to beach life, there is so much to discover: multicultural neighborhoods, street art, architecture and cave paintings from over 20,000 years ago reconstructed in a new museum.


Recommended destinations for a trip capable of making you establish ties with the place itself and with the people who live there.


This little-known South American country is 90% rainforest: it's a perfect destination to immerse yourself in untouched nature and admire spectacular waterfalls.

Boise, Idaho (USA)

A favorite sports destination (rafting in the summer, skiing in the winter), this little-known Idaho destination has so much more to offer: natural beauty, fine vineyards, a growing culinary scene.

Sydney (Australia)

How much did we miss Australia? Among the hardest and longest closed countries during the pandemic, returning now to Sydney is also an opportunity to discover it in new ways: from one of the world's largest Pride events to new bridge tours with Aboriginal guides, thankfully there are many!


A country where you can start the day in the mountains and end it at the sea: incredible natural beauties to be enjoyed even in solitude, unlike the Greek coasts a little further south.

Alaska (USA)

Since the 1970s, an agreement with the government has returned hundreds of thousands of acres of land to Alaska Native groups, and it is in Alaska that there are excellent examples of how Natives can manage authentic tourism experiences inspired by sustainability.

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