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Benito Juárez, Cancún, Mexico

Our Favorite Warm Destinations during Fall!

Are you looking for where you can go in early fall and still get a suntan without breaking the bank?
We've put together a list of some of our favorites, including Mexico, Tenerife, Las Vegas, and more.

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You might think that October is a bit late to find a warm destination, but fear not, we've got our smartest Pirate monkeys* working around the clock to find the perfect locations that are 73°F+ with plenty of sunshine.

While everyone else is distracted spending lots of money to get away in July or August, now is the best time to start thinking about a great-value sunny vacation in October.

Get something booked in before everyone else realizes, and you'll be laughing in a few months.

*Please note: TravelPirates does not have any full-time monkey employees - they're employed purely freelance as that allows them time to work on other projects.

1. Cancún (Mexico) - 80°F+

Let's start with one of our favorite destinations! Expect great weather every day in Cancún, as well as lush beaches and lots of tequila.

Explore flights to Cancún!

2. Marrakesh (Morocco) - 77°F+

The beautiful capital city of Morocco is in fact, for most people at least, a bit too hot during the peak summer, so fall is the perfect time to explore.

Explore flights to Marrakesh!

3. Algarve (Portugal) - 73°F+

The Algarve region of southern Portugal is always a fantastic choice for US travelers with low-cost flights from many cities, lots of hotels, and breathtaking beaches.

It's a winner for us on all fronts.

Explore flights to Algarve!

4. Las Vegas (USA) - 82°F+

Being in the desert, it's no surprise that Las Vegas is hot all year round.

But even still, October is a great time to visit when it's a little cooler, so you can enjoy the hot weather without living inside air-conditioned hotels and malls all the time.

Explore flights to Vegas & our most recent deal to this destination!

5. Cyprus - 71°F+

The beautiful island of Cyprus sits in the south of the Mediterranean and therefore enjoys longer and hotter summers, being nearer the equator.

Say hello to halloumi this autumn (we're sorry).

Explore flights to Cyprus!

6. Tenerife (Canary Islands) - 75°F+

To be honest, all of the Canary Islands are hot in October, but we think Tenerife generally offers the best deals as there are the most flights and loads of hotels to pick from.

Explore flights to Tenerife!

7. Dubai (UAE) - 84°F+

Dubai is another one of those destinations that are hot all year, including in October.

Expect long and sunny hot days and balmy evenings, and don't forget your sun cream as it's almost guaranteed to be roasting hot.

Explore flights to Dubai!

8. Malta - 75°F+

To round out the list, we've got another favorite of ours! The central Mediterranean island of Malta sits between Sicily and North Africa.

Expect warm days but perhaps take a light jacket for the evenings.

Explore flights to Malta!

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