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A New Budget Airline is Offering $5 Fares... But There's a Catch (Or a Few) 🤑

This new budget airline is offering the lowest fares we've ever seen from $5 one way, but there’s a catch… or actually a few catches…

They will only allow personal Items, will require passengers to stand for the duration of their flight, and the only route they will offer is between Stewart Newburgh Airport in New York & Omaha Eppley Airfield in Nebraska.

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Flights from Just $5!? What a Dream!

In efforts to gather publicity, a new airline has launched $5 fares! However, before you get too excited, there are a few catches...

The new airline will only offer standing room on their super budget economy flights. Passengers will stand but have access to a pole to hold onto. During take off and landing a full harness will pop down from the ceiling allowing passengers to semi-suspend in the air. You'll truly feel airborne!

Also, the airline will only allow personal items on the flight and you have to wear your bag for the full duration of the flight. So choose wisely!

Finally, the airline is only offering flights in and out of New York's Stewart Newburgh International and Omaha's Eppley Airfield in Nebraska.

Anyways, $5 fares! what a dream, right?

...and that's exactly what it is. Just a dream.

April Fools... 🤣

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