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Here's Japan's 2023 Cherry Blossom Bloom Forecast 🗓️🌸

Going to Japan is an experience during any time of the year, but Cherry Blossom season is something else. The Japanese word hanami can be translated to something like "flower viewing," which is a popular tradition for Japanese folks and a great attraction for tourists.
A great tool for knowing when how to plan a visit for Cherry Blossom season is the blooming forecast, which we've laid out for you in the post.

Blooming time usually takes place between the end of March and the beginning of April. Every year, forecasts come out to give people an idea of when the blooming should take place and, although the official one still isn't out yet, we have an unofficial one made by the Japan Meteorological Corporation. This forecast usually coincides quite closely with the final one.

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Hanami and Sakura in Japan

Hanami is not just walking through the streets and parks watching the trees, but rather a tradition that includes a plethora of activities to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms, or sukara. Of course, these activities take place outdoors, under the cherry blossoms. Among the most popular activities are picnics and parties, where people eat and drink with friends and family while admiring the blossoms.

The key to practicing hanami in true Japanese style? Find a nice spot with a good view of the blossoms, throw a picnic tablecloth/towel on the ground, and relax and enjoy the company, the food and, above all, the view.

For the Japanese, the hanami season is a time to appreciate the natural cycle of life, as the full bloom only lasts a few days, before all the blossoms fall from the tree. Hanami is associated with the transience of things and the bittersweet feeling of knowing that everything is temporary. It is therefore a time to enjoy the beauty of nature as it becomes a reflection of the ephemerality of life.

When Can I See the Blooming Cherry Blossom Trees in Japan this Year?

Tokyo - start: March 22 / full bloom: March 30

Sapporo - earliest: May 2 / full bloom: May 5

Sendai - start: April 8 / full bloom: April 13

Kanazawa - start: April 4 / full bloom: April 10

Nagoya - start date: March 25 / full bloom: April 4

Kyoto - start date: March 27 / full bloom: April 5

Osaka - start: March 28 / full bloom: April 5

Fukuoka - start date: March 23 / full bloom: April 1

The life of the cherry blossom, as we mentioned, is quite short and usually lasts, at most, a couple of weeks. During the first week, the cherry trees will blossom until they reach their full bloom and splendor ("mankai" in Japanese). A week later, the blossoms will fall off the trees and hanami will be over.

So, pirate, you should keep this in mind: although there is a forecast, it is a very weather-dependent phenomenon. So, if it starts to be warmer than expected, it will occur earlier, and on the other hand, if the weather is not good, it will occur later or it may shorten the time the trees are in bloom. So, take this as a reference, but keep in mind that it does not assure you that you will be able to see it 100%.

Where's the Best Place to Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms in Japan?

Of course, around Japan, there are many places from which to appreciate this phenomenon. Here are some places in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido. Keep in mind that, in each location, they celebrate it in a unique way, so if you can go to more than one area to see it, don't hesitate!

Here are some of the most popular places to see the cherry blossoms:

-Ueno Park in Tokyo

-The Philosopher's Walk or Philosophers' Path, in Kyoto

-The banks of the Meguro River, in Tokyo

-Hirosaki Castle Park, in Aomori

-Mount Yoshino, in Nara

-Sumiyoshi Park, in Osaka

Which spot would you choose?

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