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Buy a Scottish Island for less than an Apartment

Hi Pirates 🏴‍☠️ Is your misanthropy flaring up again? Well, guess what - we've got the perfect solution for you! There's an uninhabited Scottish island up for sale, situated on the Irish Sea. You couldn't find a tiny apartment in most major US cities for this price 😱

Located on the southern coast of Scotland, almost directly across from the Isle of Man, it's only accessible by boat or by foot during low tide. You'll need to build something, but just imagine being able to say "I'm heading to my private island in Scotland!" How bougie is that? Check out the details below!

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Uninhabited Scottish Island for Sale

Barlocco Island is 24 acres and completely uninhabited and has a spectacular view and location.

It is the westernmost of the Fleet Islands and is approximately 9 miles from the town of Kirkcudbright. On the island, as mentioned, there are no buildings or structures. There is a pond that provides water for livestock and wildlife during the winter months, and on the western side, there is a pebble beach where a boat can be moored or anchored. The island can also be accessed during low tide on foot, with a tractor or a quad. You can find an informational brochure here.

The base price for this island is £150,000 (around $187,000), which is a steal! In fact, the island has already generated a ton of interest and was even featured in the New York Times, despite the fact that building a traditional dwelling on the island is limited due to its protected status. But hey, who needs a traditional house when you have your own private island?

In fact, a similar island called Little Ross Island also generated a lot of interest when it was put up for sale in 2017.

So, what do you think? Shall we team up and get our very own Pirate Island? :-)

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