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Nusa Penida Beach, Bali, Indonesia, beach vacation, Asia

Bali Takes Action on Misbehaving Tourists. Again! 😱

Check out the island’s new code of conduct - and why it’s being introduced.

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After the long Corona break, during which tourism throughout Asia was on the ground, large numbers of travelers have been coming to the Indonesian dream island for a long time. However, the islanders are less happy that the cases of disrespectful behavior towards locals and their culture and religion have increased again.

There are now even Twitter accounts that regularly share such incidents. Recently, tourists have been climbing sacred trees or taking nude photos at religious sites more frequently.

In the meantime, the island government felt compelled to set up "rules of conduct" and hand them out to all travelers at the airport. It deals with the following topics:

  • 🚫 Sacred trees must not be touched.

  • 🚫 Sacred places, temples, idols, and religious symbols must not be defiled (e.g. by climbing on them or approaching them unclothed).

  • 🚫 Sacred and consecrated places may only be entered if you take part in a traditional Balinese ceremony.

  • 🚫 Lakes, springs, rivers, seas, and public areas must not be littered or polluted.

  • 🚫 Single-use plastics such as plastic bags, styrofoam, and plastic straws are prohibited.

  • 🚫 Disrespectful and aggressive behaviour as well as spreading false reports and hate speech are prohibited.

  • 🚫 Trading in illegal goods, including endangered flora and fauna, cultural artifacts and sacred objects, and illegal drugs are prohibited.

  • 🚫 No work is allowed without official approval.

In addition, from now on only official rental companies are allowed to lend scooters to tourists. There are even plans to ban foreigners from renting scooters altogether.

It is also being considered whether many of the mountainous regions should be closed to travelers because they are also considered sacred places. Alternatively, it could be decided that these places can only be visited by local guides.

➡️ Anyone who doesn't follow the rules can be arrested or even deported. The latter has already happened to 620 foreigners this year. (However, violations of residence rules were also counted here.)

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