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Father’s Day Vacation Ideas: Where To Take Your Dad This Father’s Day

Father's Day 2019 falls on June 16. We've found some great deals on cheap round-trip flights, hotels, and vacations that will have you and your dad heading out of town on this very special day.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas: Where To Travel With Your Dad Based On His Unique Interests

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s time again to acknowledge the many things your dad has done for you. He’s flipped hundreds of pancakes, sat through hours of mind-numbing Little League games, and tactfully said nothing during your year-long goth phase. He’s probably had to answer countless questions like, “Why do spiders have eight legs?” and “If I ate 30 jars of peanut butter in a row, would I die?” He’s definitely gotten you out of a tight spot once or twice (or three or four times). When you think back, you may find that your dad has had to put up with a lot throughout the years. So what better way to thank him than by planning a trip designed just for him? Here’s our list of special trips that you can take with your dad, completely suited to his interests.

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For the dad who will watch any sports game, no matter who is playing:

You’ve seen this dad get worked into a lather over an off-season tennis match. Sports are his lifeblood, and weekends find him glued to the latest game, if not supporting his favorite team from the stands. If your dad’s wardrobe consists mainly of worn-out jerseys, then book a trip to Boston, Massachusetts.

As if its status as the home to historic Fenway Park wasn’t enough, Boston is brimming with activities for the sports aficionado. Take in a Bruins or a Celtics game at TD Garden, join the crowds of students in cheering on the Harvard Crimsons, and visit The Sports Museum for a shot of sports history. For an institution in sports endurance, plan a trip during the Boston Marathon in April and cheer on the multitudes that flock to the city for this race.

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For the dad who still talks about Woodstock:

You grew up with Creedence Clearwater Revival and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young playing around the house. Your dad has been using the same pair of Tevas for the last fifteen years and refuses to exchange his flip phone for a smartphone. For the dad that likes to reminisce wistfully about a bygone era of free spirits and electrifying music, there’s no better destination than Denver, Colorado.

In addition to hosting a wide variety of music festivals throughout the year, the Mile High City also is home to the stunning Red Rocks Ampitheatre, an open-air venue in Red Rocks Park that puts on concerts and outdoor films during the summer and early fall. To round out your experience, spend a couple nights camping under the stars in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park and peruse the wares at one of the city’s many legal marijuana dispensaries.

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For the dad who went backpacking through Europe:

Somewhere in your house there is a jar filled with now-useless francs, deutsche marks, and lira. Your dad still relies on his trusty Fodor’s guidebook collection from the early 90s and he insists that you buy an enormous US roadmap to keep in your car “for emergencies.” For the dad that knows Europe like the back of his hand (or at least thinks he does), why not try out Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Often called “The Paris of South America,” metropolitan Buenos Aires combines South American roots with a European twist. Wander through the upscale neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta, explore the city’s numerous art museums, and book a dinner at a local parilla to get a taste of Argentina’s world-renowned steaks. If you have some extra time, grab a quick ferry to the Uruguayan coast to lounge on beaches as beautiful as any you would find in the Mediterranean or take a luxury overnight bus to Mendoza to sample fine Argentinian wine straight from the source.

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For the dad who thinks socks and sandals are the height of cool:

This dad favors comfort over style, but he’s not afraid to get his feet wet with something new (after removing his socks of course). He daydreams about trading in his four-door car for a campervan and his advice for every ailment is that you “get some fresh air.” For the practical dad with an adventurous streak, book a holiday to exciting New Zealand.

New Zealand earned its rep as an adventure travel hotspot for a reason. From a laid-back hike through photographic Abel Tasman National Park to a gut-wrenching leap from the Nevis bungee jumping station, there are activities at every point on the risk-taking spectrum. The icing on the cake? The array of gorgeous beaches where you can unwind after an action-packed itinerary.

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For the dad who’s a walking History Channel documentary:

This dad has read three biographies of Ulysses S. Grant but couldn’t tell you who Beyonce is. He knows what he likes, and what he likes is absorbing as much information as possible. This dad is always itching to spend just another hour at the museum, and he won’t be able to get enough of Athens, Greece.

It’s tough to find a city more packed with viewable history than Athens. Spring for a guided tour through the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and the Agora and walk up to the Temple of Poseidon, upon which Lord Byron famously carved his name. Not all the wonders of Athens are architectural—be sure to take advantage of the many history and archaeological museums during your stay. Exciting day trips abound in this area, most notably to Delphi, of the famed oracles, and Mycenae, home to the Trojan war hero Agamemnon.

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For the dad who spends every weekend in the same easy chair:

This dad has a singular mission—relaxation—and over the years he’s gotten pretty good at it. He’s not going to be walking the Great Wall of China or rappelling down a waterfall in Costa Rica, and he is totally okay with that. This dad will love the rich food, exceptional wine, and slow pace of life on a trip to Tuscany, Italy.

Tuscany is the perfect place to indulge, whether it be in a bowl of rich truffle tagliatelle, a leisurely wine tasting, or an entire afternoon spent sipping cappuccinos and people watching. If you’re feeling ambitious, rent a car for a chance to explore different areas at your own pace and take in spectacular views. For the ultimate relaxation experience, rent a villa in one of the many small towns scattered throughout the countryside.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Where To Travel With Your Dad Based On His Unique Interests
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For the dad who knows the difference between a brie de mieux and a brie de melun:

Ah, the foodie dad. He will gladly spend all morning perusing the offerings at the local farmer’s market and all afternoon whipping up a homemade vegetable tart. He has three different sizes of melon ballers and he uses them all on a regular basis. The foodie dad may be surprised to find that Montreal, Canada is exactly his kind of city.

From the much-lauded poutine to the outstanding bagels to the stacked smoked meat sandwiches, Montreal is bursting with must-try foods. For a low-key (and low-price) adventure, browse through the seasonal farmer's markets, try Blackstrap BBQ's famous "burnt ends" poutine, and explore the city's distinctive coffee shops. For a more extravagant experience, delve into the thriving terroir scene with a visit to a local vineyard or dinner at one of the numerous farm-to-table restaurants in the city

by Grace Henes

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