Guided Tour Of The Amazon From $499—$849 Including Flights

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The Amazon, it's one of those destinations you were obsessed with as a kid. Now you can make that fantasy a reality because Gate 1 Travel is offering a four-night/five-day escorted tour of the Amazon from $499! Plus, tours at this price take place in November and December—the best time of year to be visiting for dryer weather.

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Gate 1 Travel's Amazon Adventure Timeframe: 11. Mar. 2019 - 31. Dec. 2019

Miami, New York, Los Angeles
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    How Do I Book?

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    The price for this deal without flights is $499 for a four-night escorted tour of Quito and the Amazon in Ecuador. Travel is available all year round, but the cheapest options are during November and December 2019.

    You can also book this deal with flights. The starting price is $849 for trips departing from Miami. You can adjust your departure city during the booking process, but be aware that the price will most likely increase.

    Book Land Only Amazon Trip ($499)

    Book Air & Land Amazon Trip ($849)

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    *Prices are based per person. Flights are included in the $849 package price only!

    What Exactly Is The Price?

    This deal to the Amazon begins at a base of $499. This price does not include flights. The price for this tour including flights begins at $849 with round-trip flights from Miami. Keep in mind that the price for this trips is based on two people sharing, there are additional fees to book solo.

    If you book from another departure city the price will change.

    • The price to book this adventure from New York with flights is $960.
    • The price to book this adventure from Los Angeles is $1,641.

    Need Flights To Quito?

    Check out our flight search tool to find the best deals on flights from your city. Remember to check the dates of your tour before booking anything.

Book Your Dream Trip With Gate 1 Travel

We know what it's like to travel on a budget—every little penny counts! The hardest decision you'll make is where to go. With Gate 1 Travel, your adventure will not feel like a budget trip. From researching the best destinations to hand-selecting the most desirable accommodation options and designing excellent vacations, they're well-known for creating exceptional escapes. These trips often include round-trip flights, airport transfers and gorgeous highly-reviewed accommodations.

Based on two people sharing, this Amazon deal includes four nights of 3- or-4-star accommodations throughout Ecuador, 10 included meals, and a highly-trained trip escort and English-speaking local guides throughout.

Guided Tour Of The Amazon From $499—$849 Including Flights - 4

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Guided Tour Of The Amazon From $499—$849 Including Flights

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Guided Tour Of The Amazon From $499—$849 Including Flights