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California Adult Summer Camps—3 Nights From $552 With Open Bar, Meals, & More!

California Adult Summer Camps—3 Nights From $552 With Open Bar, Meals, & More!

Pirates, it's not too late to register for an adult summer camp. Our mateys in and around Los Angeles and San Francisco can enjoy three nights of included food, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, and more at these two California-based camps.

Spots are selling out, so book soon!

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Headed out from Los Angeles?

We hope you can smell the team spirit, because you'll be making friends fast.kickball at cnc

Cool off from the sun with a quick jump in the pool—or with an ice cold beer. Or both at once. We won't judge.swimming at cnc

Have you ever watched Tarzan? Because you'll be swinging around on ropes and trashin' the camp, N'Sync-style. #Only90sKidsRememberThisropes course at cnc

They say life is full of little victories. Well, summer camp victories are even better, because those'll stay on Instagram forever. winning at cnc

Headed out from San Francisco?

Hope you don't mind just hanging out and taking in the view. We hear it's pretty nice, even upside-down. hanging upside-down at cnc

Camp is basically the Hunger Games, except without the "Hunger" part. But you can still make like Katniss and try your hand at archery.archer at cnc

Swimming. Kayaking. Stand-up paddleboarding. Sit-down paddleboarding. The choice is truly yours.lake time at cnc

You've heard of wine & paint nights, right? Well, booze & tie-dye is like the younger Bohemian cousin.tie-dye at cnc

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Deal Overview

  • Camp Duration: 3 nights
  • Camp Date Range: Between September and October 2017
  • Camp Locations:
    • 1.5 hours from Los Angeles
    • 3 hours from San Francisco
    • Check here for a list of more camps across the U.S.
  • Accommodation: Cabin bunk
  • Meals & Drinks: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alcoholic beverages included with every meal, in addition to open bar.
  • Age Minimum: 21 years
  • Group Discount: There is a $25 discount per person for group bookings of four or more people.

Price Breakdown - Four People

  • Cost for all-inclusive Los Angeles camp stay: $2,100.00 ($525.00 per person)
  • Cost for additional fees: $105.80 ($26.45 per person)

    Total cost for all-inclusive Los Angeles stay: $2,205.80
    Total cost per person: $551.45

    Please note that transportation to the camps is not included in the price.

    Don't live near Los Angeles or San Francisco?
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