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Waterfront Bermuda Vacation From $616 With Flights

Waterfront Bermuda Vacation From $616 With Flights

Ahoy pirates! Ready to grab 3 friends or family members and head to Bermuda for spring break? We've found a fantastic one-click deal with a waterfront hotel and 4-star amenities such as a pool, golf course, spa, and restaurant and lounge.


Luxury Bermuda Vacation For 4 Timeframe: 1. Mar. 2018 - 30. Apr. 2018

New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington D. C., Cleveland, Philadelphia, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale

Catch some sun on one of the beautiful beaches, book a boat cruise (some include rum!), or hit the water for some fantastic snorkeling or scuba diving. There are plenty of parks and nature reserves to explore, and lots of colonial architecture to admire.

Deal Overview

  • Accommodation: 4-star Newstead Belmont Hills (4.5/5 on TripAdvisor)
  • Airline(s): Determined at the time of booking
  • Baggage Info: Please visit our baggage information post for more details
  • Travel Document(s): Valid Passport
  • Visa required for U.S. citizens? No
  • Destination Insights: Bermuda
  • Based on 4 person occupancy

Price Breakdown

Total cost for vacation: $2,464
Total cost per person: $616

Please keep in mind that flights are subject to availability. Our deals are current at the time of publication, but may sell out quickly or expire

Prefer to take this trip for 2 people? Simply change the number of travelers on your search to 2. We found prices starting at $973 per person ($1,946 total).

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