The Fresh Prince Mansion is Now Listed on Airbnb!

A deal by , 15. Sep. 2020 4:34 am

90s Pirates, gather round and let me tell a story all about how you can have your life twist, turned upside down... Or not, because you can now rent the original Fresh Prince mansion! And that makes us feel like this...

Well... now that's done lets get down to business...

This may sound too good to be true... and maybe it is as there are a bunch of terms and conditions... ugh... small print... yay!

The original launch allowed guests to stay for one night on October 2, 5, 8, 11 and 14 this year and the listing was only available to two people at a time. Unfortunately, the dates have already booked up for now, but, hey, imagine if you and your special someone actually got to stay in the famous mansion. Think of the bragging rights alone!

In case this incredible experience opens up again, you can head over to the Airbnb page and keep an eye out for your chance of becoming a part of TV history.

*Photo taken from Airbnb

The Fresh Prince Mansion is Now Listed on Airbnb!