Corona-Free Italian Village Selling Houses for $1

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This is not a joke. The Italian municipality of Cinquefrondi (located in Calabria) is selling houses in the village of Valsinni for one dollar! To sweeten the deal, the village is completely free of corona — at least sellers hope this information will attract buyers.

Corona-Free Italian Village Selling Houses for $1 - 2

Beautifully situated in a small valley and a river flowing next to it, the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas are nearby, making the nearest beaches only 15 minutes away by car. Unfortunately, some places in the village are deserted and falling into ruin, so it seems that the idea was to sell houses for a dollar is intended to attract people back to the municipality again.

Around 12 houses are available for purchase and potentially another 50 apartments to be available soon on the real estate market.

Corona-Free Italian Village Selling Houses for $1

So, what are the conditions for buying a home in Cinquefrondi? In addition to the $1 home fee, new owners are required to pay an annual policy fee of 250€ until home renovation work is complete. This work should be completed within three years, if this does not happen a fine of €20,000 will be payable. We're pretty sure three years is more than enough time to take care of renovations, though of course it's worth looking into each house to see what renovation costs would be.

Those interested can contact the municipality by email at [email protected]

Corona-Free Italian Village Selling Houses for $1