Iceland Announces New Visa for Remote Workers

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Ready for an office view of a breathtaking Icelandic fjord? We have great news for anyone currently working from home that is looking for a change of scenery. In an effort to bring more visitors to countries that rely heavily on tourism, many places like Mauritius, Barbados, and Dubai have started offering visas to remote workers. Iceland recently announced that they will join the list of countries welcoming digital nomads from the US.

Why This is Super Cool

Iceland's long-term visa has until recently only been available to workers from the Schengen area. However, The Minister of Justice signed an amendment to the regulations allowing US citizens to work remotely from Iceland for up to six months. The visa also allows you to bring your family along.

Besides the fact that Iceland is currently closed to US travelers anyway, you will be allowed to take all the time you want to explore the island, experience the Northern Lights, learn more about the culture, and even make friends with the locals. Enjoy a nice dip in Iceland's geothermal Blue Lagoon after a long work day as you or spend the weekend hiking the Laugavegur trail with sweeping views of waterfalls, volcanoes, and glaciers. The best part is because Iceland has an incredibly low population, social distancing will be a breeze.

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Visa Requirements

Self-employed and workers employed by a foreign company can apply. However, there is a steep income requirement you must meet: an annual income of $88,000. Why so high? Because the cost of living in Iceland doesn't come cheap, the government needs to know that visa holders can afford their stay. Click here to learn more about the visa.

We certainly think it is a unique opportunity to live and work remotely in Iceland!

Iceland Announces New Visa for Remote Workers

Iceland Announces New Visa for Remote Workers