The Hottest Travel Trends for 2021

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We fully understand the frustration that comes with having to cancel or reschedule an entire year of travel plans. That is why we have focused on finding the top travel trends that will allow everyone to satisfy their wanderlust. Whether you're ready to pack a bag and take the next flight or you're a bit timid about traveling until a vaccine comes out, we've got you covered. Here are the up-and-coming travel trends of 2021.

Domestic Travel

Remember when traveling to far off lands was the thing to do? Given the many travel restrictions due to corona, we foresee 2021 being all about exploring what is already in your own backyard. With transcontinental flights more affordable than ever, why not leave your passport at home?

We know that some of you have had to reschedule your international trips more than once, that’s why we rounded up the top passport-free destinations for 2021. For those that are dreaming of going to Europe, we recommend visiting these European-inspired cities or checking out these famous landmarks that have been recreated in the US.

Another classic means of traveling through the US is by car. Road trips are becoming more popular than ever. Take your time and discover some new places. We have plenty of road trip guides for Midwestern, Northeastern, and Southwestern routes.

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During Corona times, staying in has never been more popular. We totally understand that some of you might not feel safe enough to travel on your time off. That's totally OK! There are plenty of new travel experiences popping up that don’t even require leaving your living room.

Why not try VR and tour European cities from your sofa? Tour the Sistine Chapel or visit Petra from your smartphone!

Need a little nature with your culture? Why not live stream the view at Yosemite Falls? Or tour these National Parks virtually.

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Getting Back to Nature

For those of you who are looking to get away from the crowds and become one with nature, there is no better time to explore the natural world outside your front door.

Hit up some national parks or visit these stunning waterfalls. There are also plenty of unique glamping opportunities that will allow you to have some truly beautiful views.

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Everyone knows that saving the planet is sexy and one of the best ways to stay green in 2021 is through ecotourism. So, what exactly is ecotourism? It's traveling sustainably to natural areas that focus on conserving the environment and local inhabitants.

Eco lodges and campsites that offer sustainable housing options can get quite pricey, that's why we have rounded up the best budget-friendly eco-stays around the world. Interested in learning more about how you can travel green on your next trip? Learn more about being an eco-warrior.

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Wellness Trips

Just like travelers are doing more for the environment, we believe they will also want to do more for their bodies. We know the toll a whole year of stress and anxiety takes and that is why we believe that more and more people will be interested in taking care of themselves in 2021.

Take a health-inspired trip and #treatyoself. Go off the grid and unplug or pamper yourself at an all-inclusive resort.

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Digital Nomads

Home office — or as we like to call it, remote office — might just be the best thing to happen in 2021. With the number of people being able to work from home rises, more opportunities to work remotely abroad grows. This is a total win for travel lovers!

Wondering where you can work remotely in 2021? Georgia and Dubai are just a couple of countries offering visas for remote workers at the moment. View a complete list of countries welcoming digital nomads HERE.

The Hottest Travel Trends for 2021

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The Hottest Travel Trends for 2021