Get Paid $6,000 to Move to this Southern City

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We've been seeing a lot of interesting offers to get folks moving (and bringing in their $$$), both temporarily and, as is the case here, more permanently. This particular program is for remote workers and requires buying a house.

Natchez and Adams County have billed their program as "Shift South". In short, they're offering up to $6,000 to up to the first 30 remote workers that commit to purchasing a home worth at least $150,000 in Natchez or Adams County.

Believe it or not, $150,000 will actually put you well above the average price of a home here, so they're looking for people that can invest in an upscale home. Prices here can easily be over five times less than in a major city.

Natchez also happens to be the oldest city on the Mississippi with a lot to see and do. There's plenty of nature to be explored, a small yet popping downtown area with shops, cafes, bars (including one frequented by Mark Twain), and more, plus a living tradition of live music.

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Our Take

If you've been looking to relocate to somewhere with a lower cost of living, this could be a really great option for you. Depending on where you're moving from, Mississippi could also feel a little hard to get used to.

With other like-minded folks doing the same thing as you, and Natchez being a more progressive city (within the context of Mississippi), there's a good chance that life down there could be gotten used to. If we had no reason to be somewhere else, we'd seriously consider buying a house in Natchez.

Head to the application page to learn more.

Get Paid $6,000 to Move to this Southern City

Get Paid $6,000 to Move to this Southern City