Easier Travel for Vaccinated People? Which Countries Are Allowing Entry With Proof of Vaccination

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Pirates, there are a lot of discussions happening around the world on the subject of countries allowing entry again for vaccinated people. It's easy to get confused in the sea of arguments speaking for and against relief for people vaccinated against corona when traveling. One thing is clear, even if it is often stated that there should be no "special rights" for vaccinated people, it's ultimately up to the destination countries themselves to determine who can enter and under what conditions. Some countries have adjusted their entry requirements, others are at least planning to do so. Here are the countries that already have an easier entry for COVID-19 vaccinated people:

For Sure:

  • Iceland: Vaccinated persons do not have to present a test result and are not in quarantine. The same applies to those who have recovered.
  • Moldova: Vaccinated persons can enter without restrictions. Even if they come from a risk country, they do not have to be quarantined.
  • Poland: Vaccinated persons do not have to enter quarantine (and do not have to present a PCR test).
  • Lithuania: Vaccinated persons (but only if the vaccination was completed 90 days before entry) are exempt from the obligation to quarantine.
  • Romania: Vaccinated persons (vaccination completed at least 10 days before entry) do not need a negative PCR test to enter the country.
  • Seychelles: Vaccinated persons (vaccination completed at least 14 days ago) do not have to go into a 10-day entry quarantine, but still present a negative PCR test.
  • Estonia: Those vaccinated in the last 6 months (!) (And those who have recovered in the last 6 months) are exempt from the 10-day entry quarantine (alternatively, you can also do 2 PCR tests).

Being Planned:

  • Mauritius: Anyone who can prove a complete vaccination should soon be able to enter without restrictions (previously 14-day hotel quarantine).
  • Thailand: There are considerations to waive the 15-day hotel room quarantine for people who have been proven to be vaccinated.
  • Cyprus: From March 1, 2021, vaccinated persons should not need a negative PCR test for entry.
  • Greece: The country is calling for a uniform vaccination certificate in the EU that enables "free travel". The proposal receives support from Spain and Portugal. Greece has already agreed free travel for vaccinated people with Israel , and an agreement with Great Britain is planned.
  • Denmark & Sweden: Both countries are developing a digital vaccination certificate, but want to coordinate closely with the EU for the specific implementation.

In addition to the two Scandinavian countries, the international umbrella association of airlines (IATA) is also developing a digital "Travel Pass" in which uniform tests and vaccinations are to be documented.


As you can see from the list above, the simplified entry requirements for vaccinated people will definitely come into effect, at least when traveling abroad. Nevertheless, it is also clear that no country is planning to allow only vaccinated people to enter the country (at least this is being discussed in Sweden). Of course, it depends on the details: Countries that order quarantine for several days for non-vaccinated travelers would effectively rule out normal travel for this group. We would consider a variant to be less problematic in which vaccinated people can travel freely and all others only need a negative corona test (which are at best cheaper and available everywhere until the summer season).

Easier Travel for Vaccinated People? Which Countries Are Allowing Entry With Proof of Vaccination

Easier Travel for Vaccinated People? Which Countries Are Allowing Entry With Proof of Vaccination