Paris Without a Passport! Eiffel Tower Replicas around the US

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With travel restrictions keeping most of us away from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we turned to the next best thing. Around the US there are dozens of Eiffel Tower replicas and many of them are in places worth a vacation — no passport or long-haul flight required!

If you've got some extra time you could even make an epic road trip out of all of them (see the end of the post), but we focused on 7 replicas across the US that are each worth their own a separate trip. Scattered across the continental US, there's a tower close to just about everybody!

Las Vegas

The Vegas Eiffel Tower is a part of, you guessed it, Paris Las Vegas. Officially the largest Eiffel Tower replica in the US, it is built on a 1:2 scale of the original and is an essential part of every Vegas skyline photo.

Vegas doesn't need much more explaining, but if you haven't checked out their tower up close we can only recommend it. Moreover we've seen tons of crazy deals for Vegas lately, so if you're more keen on flying or live nearby snag an almost-free night at the LINQ and some flights for less than the cab to the airport.

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Paris, Texas

We're not picking favorites here, but this replica must be the winner of something — the Texan hat on top of it wouldn't have it any other way. With a movie all about it, Paris, Texas is not short on stuff to do, see, and eat, though it could be a good idea to combine a trip with nearby Dallas if you're not from the area.

This Eiffel Tower replica does have us wondering if everything is really bigger in Texas — it's only built on a 1:16 scale, not evening measuring 100 feet in height.

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Paris, Tennessee

Also home to the "world's biggest fish fry," Paris, Tennessee's Eiffel Tower is the closest option for folks living in the Memphis and Nashville areas. You're sure to notice the small town feel, but after a minor league baseball game or a concert at the performing arts center, this Paris has a good chance of growing on you. The tower is built on a 1:20 scale.

Us pirates haven't had the chance to make it here yet, but there seem to be a few very nice-looking bed and breakfasts to stay at in town.

Paris, Michigan

Creatively named Paris, this town also boasts an Eiffel Tower replica. Built on a 1:50 scale, it's the smallest replica on our list. It is a Paris, but don't get us wrong, it's not Paris at all when it comes to size — in fact the closest real town is Big Rapids, where you'll find an assortment of affordable hotels.

This surely isn't the most exciting of all the towers on our list, but the natural surroundings are beautiful, making for an ideal multi-day getaway for folks traveling from nearby cities such as Detroit or Chicago.

Kings Island in Mason, Ohio

The Kings Island Eiffel Tower Replica actually has a twin at Kings Dominion Amusement Park near Richmond, Virginia. Normally we would recommend Kings Dominion, but as it's closed due to COVID, its twin was just as good.

Not far from Cincinnati, the theme park itself is worth a visit, but it's the centerpiece tower that really can't be missed. Built on the 1:3 scale, it's worth heading to the top to check out the view if you can.

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Fayetteville, North Carolina

The only tower on our list that doubles as a part of a shopping mall, everything about this place is weird, yet enticing. The center that hosts this replica is called the Bordeaux Center, so if you get real abstract, you francophiles can basically visit Paris and Bordeaux at the same time.

Whatever the deal with this place is, it's just a bit over an hour away from Raleigh and the tower itself is pristine and built on a 1:6 scale. It's also one of the larger replicas on our list, so bring some cheese and grape juice in a wine bottle and lay out on the grass for a while.

For good measure, you draw similarities with the of Bordeaux, France below:

Paris Without a Passport! Eiffel Tower Replicas around the US

Epcot in Orlando, Florida

Weather-wise, this is the best of the replicas to visit when it gets colder across most of the country — that is, unless you really like long, cold winters without any sun. Located within the France Pavillion at Epcot, you get the whole "little Paris" experience — even the tower feels like a part of a littler Paris measuring only 76 feet in height.

Flights to Orlando are at all time lows right now, so you can easily piece together a few sunny days in "Paris" for around $100.

Eiffel Tower Road Trip Route

There's really unlimited room for creativity here, but we think this route should work out nicely for about a two-week Eiffel Tower road trip. Consider a one-way car rental and flights to Vegas and/or from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Paris Without a Passport! Eiffel Tower Replicas around the US