Royal Caribbean Needs Lots of Cruise Testers!

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Despite the pandemic's ongoing impact on the cruise industry, the desire to cruise has not died down at all. After months of the necessary pause of cruising, travelers are looking to a 2021 with a cruising involved.

Some countries such as Italy restarted some cruises during the summer, but, until recently, the US had postponed all cruising as per CDC regulations.

Recently, however, the CDC withdrew its ban on cruising released the protocol determining which the ships can gradually restart.

Here's an explanation of when this is happening: Royal Caribbean, which alone controls a quarter of the world cruise market, has seized the moment and created a Facebook group called "Volunteers of the Seas".

The company was looking for volunteers for a series of test cruises that will serve to test the security protocol and get the final green light from the CDC.

At the first unofficial release of the news, the cruise company was inundated with thousands of e-mails. Soon after the FB group was created along with this online form where you can leave your data — over 100,000 people have already applied for the test cruises.

Here's how Michael Bayley, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean, reacted:

Royal Caribbean Needs Lots of Cruise Testers!
What Will Happen After the Simulations?

The simulations will be conducted with a mix of Royal Caribbean volunteers and paid employees in place of paying travelers. The first simulation could leave as early as December, and passengers will carry out a rapid Covid-19 test before and after boarding.

Various activities that are to be tested according to the CDC protocol, including boarding and disembarking procedures, activities on board such as dinners or shows, excursions, an evacuation test, the isolation those who test COVID-positive in special rooms, and a quarantine test. Obviously, the rules of social distancing, disinfection of surfaces and hands and the use of masks are a given.

To participate you must be at least 18 years old and have no pre-existing health problems.

So what do you say, would you take part in one of these cruises?

If you are interested leave your info here.

Royal Caribbean Needs Lots of Cruise Testers!