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Awesome Travel Websites to Visit Before Your Next Trip

Awesome Travel Websites to Visit Before Your Next Trip

Heading out on a wonderful trip soon, Pirate? Although TravelPirates values the importance of the finding the best cheap flights, vacations, and accommodations, keeping you in the loop with the latest information about health, safety and security, attractions is a top priority. That's we have put together some great websites that are the perfect place to start planning your next trip overseas. Don't let lack of planning put you in a bad situation. A prepared traveler is a smart traveler.


Between booking your flights, planning and packing, health concerns may be the last thing on your mind when getting ready for a trip. We've put together a great list of health resources that will keep your mind at ease when prepping for your next getaway.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The CDC is a government organization that offers in-depth information and advice for travelers. Learn about any current travel health notices, as well required vaccinations for those traveling to certain areas of the world.

Travel Health Notices
Concerned about health issues in certain parts of the world? Visit the CDC's travel health notices website. It provides up-to-date notices about health concerns and breaks each notice down into varying warning levels, so you know how to approach travel to any highlighted destinations.

TravWell App (iOS or Android)
This CDC-created app will help you make informed health decisions when preparing for your next trip. In addition to vaccination recommendations, it allows you to prepare a health checklist that is available offline. It's a great companion for the health concerned traveler.

Can I Eat This? App (iOS or Android)
Are you the type of traveler who loves to much your way through distant lands? Worried about getting a case of the dreaded travelers' diarrhea? The CDC put together this wonderful app that will let you know if the food or drink you're about to consume is safe to eat. It asks you a series of simple questions and gives you the CDC's recommendation.

World Health Organization
WHO is a great resource for learning more information about health concerns around the world. See up-to-date disease distribution maps, health alerts and learn more about travel health risks. It's a great resource for planning your next trip.

Safety & Security
Learn all about any safety or security issues when visiting your next destination. We've compiled a list of resources to keep you in the loop about any travel warnings or advisories.

Country Information
Learn more about your intended destination with this great search resource from the U.S. department of state. They provide detailed information about a variety of topics, from visa requirements and security information to health recommendations and embassy contact information.

Alerts and Warnings
The U.S. Department of State also provides a list with the most up-to-date information about any travel alerts or warnings. Stay in the loop about what's happening around the world and learn more about places you should strongly consider avoiding.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
STEP is a free service that helps keep travelers in touch with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate when traveling. Be sure to enroll before your next overseas trip to get up-to-date travel tips, warnings and alerts for your destination.

Don't spend endless hours waiting in airport security checkpoints. For a small monthly fee, you can CLEAR through security checkpoints within minutes, passing all the other passengers in line. It's perfect for frequent travelers and is now available at multiple airports around the U.S.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance may not be the most glamorous part of planning your trip, but it is a lifesaver if you're ever in need. Here are some great companies that offer great rates on travel insurance (and peace of mind).

Check out the various plans and rates on travel insurance for your next trip. MedjetAssist provides protection for your health, safety and security—something that is often overlooked in the travel planning stage.


Allianz is a travel insurance company that can help you if you're ever in a jam. Get a quote before your next trip and head out with peace of mind knowing you're covered, no matter what happens.
Here is another great travel insurance website that can offer you protection on everything from solo trips to annual travel protection, perfect if you're a frequent traveler.

You've got your flights, your hotel is booked and you're packed. Now, what are you going to do when you get there? Check out the websites below to find some great deals on yours and attractions for cities across the land.

Looking to book a hotel or want to find out more about your next destination? TripAdvisor is a great resource for travelers to learn from the experience of others. They're user-generated ratings are a great gauge for booking hotels, tours and more!

Lonely Planet
Looking for some more guidance for your next vacation? LonelyPlanet has a great selection of travel guides that will turn you from novice to expert in a reading. It's an essential part of planning.

GO City Card
Check out some of the top attractions all around the United States when you head out on your next trip. From Boston, New York and Los Angeles to Miami, Orlando and San Antonio. Enjoy the sights and save some dough on your next trip.

CityPASS is also a great resource for seeing some of the best attractions around the country. There are many U.S. cities available, whether you're looking to head to the top of the Empire State Building or want to visit the most magical place on Earth, CityPASS has got you covered.

No matter where you're headed, TourRadar has got you covered. With tons of tours available around the world, you'll have no problem planning your next getaway.

Check out some great tours and great deals on many attractions around the world. Tours4fun has many great deals for those of you who don't like to "wing it" on your vacations. Plan out your next journey with one of these great tours.

Local Information & Transportation
Need some info about your next destination? Here are some great websites that will give you the best information about your destination of choice. From weather and cost of living information, to helpful direction planning, we've got it all.
There's nothing worse than being unprepared for the weather on a trip. Don't be stuck out in the rain with just shorts and a tank top! Check out the to get a detailed forecast for your next getaway.

Get important cost of living information about your destination of choice, as well as information about crime, traffic and more. Numbeo is the perfect place to visit if you want to stay in the loop about everything local.
Don't forget to plan the transportation for your next trip! Rome2rio is a great website that can help you map our your next trip. It gives you multiple options on ways to get where you're going, including cost and time estimates. Get going!

Get a great deal on round-trip airport transportation for your next trip. Arrive at your destination in style, with multiple transportation styles available. Leave your worries at home and check one more thing off your list.

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