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Fly To Tokyo, Japan From $439 Round Trip!

Fly To Tokyo, Japan From $439 Round Trip!


Konichiwa, pirates! Ready for the perfect combination of modern technology and ancient culture? Fly from the East Coast or West Coast to Tokyo, Japan between October and December 2017 for an amazing price!


Fly to Tokyo Timeframe: 19. Oct. 2017 - 14. Dec. 2017

Los Angeles, San Jose, New York, San Francisco

Filled with neon streets, delicious food, and stunning architecture, this city has it all! Check out the Imperial Palace, shop in Harajuku, enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or hang out in a cat cafe. Tokyo offers plenty of things to do, see, and eat!

Flight Deal Overview

  • Round-trip flights: Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, or New York City to Tokyo, Japan
  • Travel period: October – December 2017
  • Airline: Air China or China Eastern
  • Baggage info: Please visit our baggage overview for more information.
  • Travel document: Valid Passport
  • Visa for U.S. citizens required: No
  • Destination insights: U.S. Department of State Travel Information (Japan)

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