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Fly To Cartagena, Colombia From $92 One Way—22 Cities For $199 Or Less!

Fly To Cartagena, Colombia From $92 One Way—22 Cities For $199 Or Less!

Fly one way to Cartagena, Colombia from an incredible price! Experience this seaside South American city this winter or spring. You'll love its beautiful architecture, lively streets, and fantastic food! These one-way flights make for a flexible trip because they allow you to book a cheap return ticket or continue your journey to another destination!


One-Way Flights To Cartagena, Colombia Timeframe: 5. Jan. 2018 - 31. May. 2018

Fort Lauderdale, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Boston, San Diego, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, San Francisco


  • Airline(s): Spirit, Avianca, Copa, jetBlue, or American
  • Baggage Info: Please visit our baggage information post for details
  • Travel Document(s): Valid Passport
  • Visa required for U.S. citizens? No
  • Destination Insights: Colombia

Please keep in mind that our deals are subject to availability and are current at the time of publication.

Please note that Spirit is a budget carrier. Budget airlines offer cheap fares by reducing the number of amenities offered.

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