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Fly To Bangkok, Thailand From $273 One Way—Save 35%!

Fly To Bangkok, Thailand From $273 One Way—Save 35%!

Fly one way to Bangkok to kick off an adventure around Thailand or Southeast Asia! Try all the delicious street food, wander around the extensive markets, get a massage, and visit the Buddhist temples! Whatever you want to do, BKK is where it's at!


Fly to Bangkok Timeframe: 12. Jan. 2018 - 30. Sep. 2018

San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Houston, Dallas


  • Airline(s): China Southern, China Eastern, EVA Air (5-star), Spirit Virgin
  • Layovers: Some of these flights involve long layovers in China. Please check your flight itinerary carefully before booking. Visit China: Visa Free Transits to learn more about China's 72-hour visa-free permit.
  • Baggage Info: Please visit our baggage information post for more details
  • Travel Document(s): Valid Passport; You will need proof of an onward flight out of Thailand.
  • Visa required for U.S. citizens? No
  • Destination Insights: Thailand

Please keep in mind that our deals are subject to availability and are current at the time of publication.

Please note that Spirit is a budget carrier. Budget airlines offer cheap fares by reducing the number of amenities offered.

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