Full-Service Flights To Lisbon From $413 Round Trip

A deal by , 2. Dec. 2018 11:16 am

We've found great fares on full-service flights from the eastern United States and Canada to Lisbon, Portugal for you this winter and spring. Round-trip flights start from $413—a real bargain compared to normal prices of $600 and up! Availability runs up till March 2019.

You may find some slightly cheaper fares on low-cost airlines, but considering baggage costs, transportation to less-convenient airports, and overall comfort, we think that these full-service flights are the way to go in this case.


Cheap Flights To Lisbon Timeframe: 2. Dec. 2018 - 2. Feb. 2019

New York, Boston, Washington, Toronto, Montreal

Full-Service Flights To Lisbon From $413 Round Trip - 2

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