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Great Rates on Flights to Rome & Milan, Italy!

Fly to Rome & Milan from $318 Round Trip Including Valentine's Dates—Usually $700+

from $318

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We've found a great deal on flights to Rome & Milan with many departure cities from $318 round trip. The regular price for these flights is around $700+ depending on departure city, which means you are saving around half of what you would usually pay. There are also flights available during Valentine's dates.

Rome, also known as The Eternal City, has been a center of culture for hundreds of years; with remarkable architecture, food, and culture, it's not hard to understand how it came onto that nickname.

Milan is well known for being a fashion capital and home of many major fashion brands, its stunning architecture with a contrast of classic and modern design, and as a foodie paradise, being the fifth city with more Michelin stars.

Travel Period

January 2022 - April 2022


  • New York
  • Miami
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Washington


  • Rome
  • Milan


Here are some of the dates and departure airports we found for you, but there are many more available.

These flights and prices are based on short layovers.

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✈️ Flying to Rome

🔻 Departing from Chicago

🔻 Departing from Washington

🔻 Departing from New York

🔻 Departing from Miami

🔻 Departing from San Francisco

✈️ Flying to Milan

🔻 Departing from Chicago

🔻 Departing from New York

🔻 Departing from Miami

🔻 Departing from Washington

🔻 Departing from San Francisco

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