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Flights To Frankfurt, Germany From East Coast Cities From $340

Flights To Frankfurt, Germany From East Coast Cities From $340

Ahoy pirates, prepare to visit Germany's financial capital, Frankfurt, which is home to dozens of sleek skyscrapers and a busy shopping district. While much of the city is new, Frankfurt has done an excellent job preserving it's history and is filled with beautiful churches, historic neighborhoods, and world-class museums.


Fly to Frankfurt Timeframe: 4. Jun. 2017 - 14. Feb. 2018

  1. Washington, Boston, New York
    Frankfurt am Main
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    Flights to Frankfurt
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    flight informationFrom Boston from $340 - $440

    From New York for $380

    From Washington DC from $492 - $510

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Flight Deal Overview
    • Round-trip flights: Washington DC, New York, Boston to Frankfurt
    • Travel period: June 2017 - February 2018
    • Airline: WOW Airlines
    • Baggage info: Please visit our baggage information post to find out more about baggage allowances and additional baggage fees.
    • Travel document: valid passport
    • Visa for U.S. citizens required: not for stays under 90 days
    • Destination insights: U.S. Government Information

Please be aware that WOW is a low-cost airline. These airlines offer cheap fares by reducing the number of services offered in-flight and before departure. See our baggage information post for information about baggage allowances on low-cost airlines. Pack light, prepare a good playlist, bring a few snacks and enjoy the savings!

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