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Fly Nonstop To Chicago From $67 Round Trip—12 Cities Under $200

Fly Nonstop To Chicago From $67 Round Trip—12 Cities Under $200

Fly nonstop to Chicago this summer from 12 cities for under $200! Go for a ride at the Navy Pier, enjoy some authentic deep-dish pizza, and take in the city from the top of the famous Willis Tower. But don't tire yourself out just yet: there're still so many museums, galleries, and shops to visit in Chicago!


Fly Nonstop to Chicago Timeframe: 1. Jun. 2018 - 5. Sep. 2018

Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Islip

Flight Overview

  • Airlines: Frontier, Spirit, United, or American
  • Baggage Info: Please visit our baggage information post for more details
  • Travel Documents: Valid ID

Please keep in mind that our deals are subject to availability and are current at the time of publication.

Looking for something to do?
Check out CityPass Chicago: save 50% on some of Chicago's hottest museums and attractions!
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navy pier chicago

Chicago City Streets

Chicago Marquee

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