These 5 Flights To Europe Are WAY Cheaper Than A Ticket To Coachella

A deal by , 7. Jan. 2019 2:47 pm

Going to Coachella is almost a rite of passage — but with prices for this California music festival ranging between $429 and $999 for a three-day ticket, shelling out the cash can be hard to justify.

You know what's a lot easier to justify? A trip to Europe. So, we've found five flight deals to Europe for much less than the cost of general admission to the festival. If you're having a hard time justifying shelling out hundreds for a few days of music (or if you're still on the waiting list), you may find it easier to pull the trigger on an international adventure.


Flights Cheaper Than Coachella Timeframe: 15. Jan. 2019 - 20. Mar. 2019

New York City
Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome

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