Check Out The Stunning Yi Peng Lantern Festival In Chiang Mai, Thailand

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by Jessica Bisesto
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You've probably seen photos from the Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Each year, thousands of people gather to celebrate the Thai New Year, which takes place on the full moon of the twelfth month of the Thai Lunar Calendar. This colorful festival falls over three days, allowing visitors plenty of opportunities to soak up the culture, and immerse themselves in the fantastic photo opportunities available. Check out the pics below, then book your flight to Thailand to catch this year's festival!

The lanterns are filled with hot air, and then released either into the sky or the river.

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This symbolizes releasing, or letting go of, any sorrow, pain, or negativity from the previous year.

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Both locals and foreigners participate are welcome to participate, and there are even lantern decorating contests.

Here are some remnants of lanterns that made their way downstream.

There are many incredible photo opportunities available before, during, and after this wonderful festival.

A popular tradition is to write wishes and aspirations for the new year on the lanterns before releasing them.

Thailand’s Floating Lantern Festival 🌠💫🌕✨💥🔥🔮🎊💛 For anyone traveling through Southeast Asia, the yearly festival is not to be missed.🎆🎇 ✨Thousands of locals and travelers make wishes for the year ahead as they release the lanterns into the sky. ✨Buddhist monks take part in the festivities too; the event itself, adopted from Brahmin ceremonies, has religious undertones, with the lit candles symbolizing the Buddha. ✨Loi Krathong Festival Thailand. ✨The ceremony lasts a few hours, with chanting and meditation, culminating in the release of the lanterns at 9 p.m. ✨Everywhere you look, the entire Sansai District of Chiang Mai is illuminated with flickering candles and glowing paper lanterns. ✨The lanterns are constructed of rice paper, which traps the hot air from the lit fuel cells, and slowly begins to rise into the air. #thailand #festivaloflights #lanternfestival #loikrathong #festival #stars #nightsky #chiangmai #buddhism #monks #buddhist #asia #celebrations

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Lanterns aren't the only things illuminating the sky during the festival.

If you're looking for a bucket-list worthy experience, head to Northern Thailand and enjoy the Yi Peng Lantern Festival!

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Check Out The Stunning Yi Peng Lantern Festival In Chiang Mai, Thailand