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Would You Stay In The Hicksville Trailer Park?

Would You Stay In The Hicksville Trailer Park?

While some star-crossed lovers are enjoying lavish weekend getaways in exotic locals this weekend, there are still many more who want to get away, but can’t due to work and other dreadful adult responsibilities and duties. Don’t fret though! For those of you out there still looking to get away in the not-so-distant future without hopping on a 10-hour flight to God knows where, there are still some unconventional places much closer to home for you to consider.

One such place is the Hicksville Trailer Palace & Artist Retreat located in Joshua Tree, California. If the name didn’t already give it away, then you'll be glad to know that this is no ordinary trailer park, but rather an unconventional artistic getaway, which generally comes fully equipped with many of the regular amenities you would come to expect at an ordinary hotel.

A Unique Trailer Park With Trailers Built For Two

Interestingly enough, this quirky, little trailer park doesn’t just hold up your average double-wide on cinder blocks — instead Hicksville boasts an eclectic range of quirky designer trailers, cabins (and even an old stagecoach!), which were curated and created by various artists and businesses from all over the country.

Each space has it’s own theme and will generally sleep about one to two people. However, “The New World,” which is the so-called “Crown Jewel of Hicksville” — and subsequently the most expensive suite — can sleep up to six!

Hicksville Trailer Park New World Front View Day: Unique Trailer Parks

Trailers With Personality Required

There are many different trailers to choose from here and prices can range anywhere from $160–$285 bucks per night — so, if this all seems like a bit of a whirlwind, and you don't know where to start, then we’ve got some personal recommendations for those who want to visit California.

Hicksville Trailer Park Integratrailor Front View Day: Unique Trailer Parks

The Integratrailor

If you’re hell-bent on getting in contact with some out-of-this world folks, then we would suggest booking a stay in “The Integratrailor.” Fully equipped with a queen size bed, A/C, heating and a laptop work station, you are sure to be comfortable in this cozy suite. However, the main draw is, of course, the built-in alien communication system. Just be sure that you don’t give your new extraterrestrial friends the coordinates to earth — unless they're looking to plan a fun city trip.

Hicksville Trailer Park Sweet Front View Day: Unique Trailer Parks

The Sweet

If you're desperately missing the days of shag carpets and funkadelic designs, then “The Sweet” is exactly the type of nostalgia bomb you’re looking for. There’s a TV with an iPod dock, DVD and DirecTV, record player, an electric fireplace for cool nights and A/C for the hot ones. But watch out — there is no conventional bed in this suite (although there’s plenty of room to cuddle up on the big, comfy couch).

Hicksville Trailer Park Fifi Front View Day: Unique Trailer Parks

The Fifi & Project Z

Some other favorites are “The Fifi,” which is a lavish gold and purple dream perfectly built for a couple of vain partygoers, while “Project Z” will fulfill all of your zombie apocalypse fantasies (zombies not included). Could this spot be perfect for your next spring break trip?

Hicksville Trailer Park Project Z Front View Day: Unique Trailer Parks

How To Plan Your Stay At The Hicksville Trailer Palace & Artist Retreat

Unfortunately, many of the trailers are almost completely booked up on the weekends through May, however for those of you looking to book a weekday stay and make off on a quick retreat during the middle of the work week, there's plenty of open slots left. So why not try something new and shock your co-workers at the water cooler while you love birds gush about your romantic weekend getaway for two in the Hicksville Trailer Park ... no further elaboration needed.

Source For Images: The Hicksville Trailer Palace & Artist Retreat

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