Would You Go On A Sasquatch Hunting Tour?

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The Infamous Bigfoot

Sasquatches are a myth as old as time itself. Ever since campfires existed and humans began telling stories of creepy things that go bump in the night, the Sasquatch was one of the first among them. Bigfoot goes by many names and is known around the world for its terrifying power.

Every continent has its own tales and myths regarding this mythical and elusive creature. In Nepal, they call it the Yeti. Across America it's known by many names, some of the most popular being the Skunk Ape, Ape Man, Boggy Bill, Woods Devil, and the Algonquian tribes referred to the beast as the Wendigo.

Would You Go On A Sasquatch Hunting Tour? - 2

Ready To Go ‘Squatch Hunting?

Despite the elusive nature of the beast, the call to raise it from the ashes of conspiratorial lore to a proven fact is strong for many, especially in the United States. The largest amount of supposed Big Foot sitings have been recorded in the region of the Pacific Northwest and there is no end to the number of tours that can be taken if you want to search for the creature yourself.

Sasquatch Country Adventures is a company based out of Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia. Guides will take you in a six-passenger Polaris Ranger Crew UTV through beautiful, pristine wildernesses and talk extensively about the evidence found in the area as well as the local ‘Squatch lore.

Looking for something more serious? Then the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization takes true believers, regardless of their Sasquatch hunting experience, on multi-day tours across America. The states included in the tour are Washington, Oregon, California, North Carolina, and Kentucky, but you better sign up fast! These tours are incredibly popular and tend to fill up quite quickly, so setting up your reservations in advance is highly recommended.

Would You Go On A Sasquatch Hunting Tour?

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Would You Go On A Sasquatch Hunting Tour?