6 Very Good Reasons To Travel This Fall

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by Katryna Balboni
Senior Editor

There are so many reasons to love the fall — from cozy sweaters to crunchy leaves to pumpkin everything (okay, maybe pumpkin spice Pringles are a step too far, but to each their own).

Our favorite thing about the fall? Travel, of course! Here are six reasons why:

1. It’s more affordable.

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September through November is considered a shoulder season — the travel period between peak and off-peak seasons — for many popular destinations. What that means for you: lower prices and lighter crowds.

As the weather cools and little ones head back to their classrooms, travel costs begin to lower across the board, from airfare to hotels to rental cars. The dip doesn’t last long — the winter holiday season is another peak period — but the temporary drop in prices means that fall travelers have the opportunity for big savings.

2. Popular destinations are less crowded.

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Not only is travel more affordable during the fall, it also offers the opportunity to experience popular destinations without the crowds.

Many European cities experience a heavy influx of visitors during the summer, but the throngs tend to thin out once the season’s over. A trip during the autumn months can reward with shorter wait times, less crowded attractions and a chance to experience a more authentic side to a city after it's been reclaimed by locals following the summer rush.

3. The weather is better.

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Many popular warm-weather destinations can actually be more enjoyable in the fall. Southern Spain, for example, can get blisteringly hot at the height of summer; while temperatures may dip below “beach weather” in the fall, it’s still pleasantly warm and you won’t have to worry about melting in the heat while waiting in line for popular attractions!

4. The foliage!

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Some destinations take on a whole new persona once fall rolls around. Japan, for example, is famous for its cherry blossom season in the spring, but did you know that the trees also put on a stunning and fiery display come autumn?

Luckily for leaf peepers, Japan’s trees are at their brightest during one of the country’s shoulder seasons, making this period both a rewarding and affordable time to visit.

5. It’s a chance to experience fall traditions around the world.

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The chance to witness local fall festivities is one of our favorite things about fall travel. Harvest festivals are an ancient tradition around the world and there are innumerable modern takes on the ages-old custom.

From the bonfires and fireworks of England on Guy Fawkes Night to the ghost tours and costumed crowds of Salem, MA at Halloween to the marigolds and sugar skulls of Mexico during Dia de los Muertos, autumnal celebrations offer travelers and unique and entertaining way to experience the local culture.

6. You deserve to treat yourself!

6 Very Good Reasons To Travel This Fall

Fall is also an excellent time to treat yourself before the holiday season gears up in earnest. Love it or hate it, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is always a whirlwind. Planning a fall getaway is a great way to ensure that you and your travel companions of choice get some much-deserved relaxation in before the holiday rush.

(Also, if you're competing with a sibling or friend for the "best gift giver" award, fall travel is an excellent opportunity to pick up unique presents for special people on your list.)

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6 Very Good Reasons To Travel This Fall