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Where To Travel Based On Your Favorite 2019 Oscar Nominees

Where To Travel Based On Your Favorite 2019 Oscar Nominees

The nominees for the 91st Academy Awards are finally out, and whether you love 'em or hate 'em, we have a feeling you're going to like the places we think you should travel based on 'em.

Loved Black Panther? Visit Uganda

Black Panther has broken all sorts of records, and now it's become the first ever superhero film to be nominated for Best Picture. Celebrate with a trip to Uganda, the East African country whose emerald hills provided some of the aerial footage of fictional Wakanda. However, if you want to see the movie's Warrier Falls, you'll have to travel to Iguazu Falls all the way in Argentina (seen in the cover photo).

green hills of africa in uganda

Loved Roma? Visit Mexico City, Mexico

Alfonso Cuarón's semi-autobiographical film has been nominated for seven awards, including both Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film. He filmed it on location in Mexico City, shooting in and near neighborhoods and houses around where he grew up as a child. Consider planning a walking tour to see these spots for yourself.

view of the mexico city skyline

Loved The Wife? Visit Stockholm, Sweden

This film surprised Golden Globes viewers when its lead Glenn Close won Best Actress over Lady Gaga...and it's just been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. In the movie, the titular character accompanies her husband to Stockholm so he can receive a Nobel Prize. If you visit Stockholm, you can visit the Nobel Museum, which celebrates the history of the prize and its winners.

Loved A Star Is Born? Visit Los Angeles, USA

Are you still crying over A Star Is Born? We know we are. Distract yourself—and celebrate the movie's eight nominations—by visiting its filming locations in Los Angeles. Check out shows at the Greek Theatre or Regent Theatre, or grab a cocktail at The Virgil (where Ally performs "Le Vie En Rose").

hollywood los angeles california

Loved The Favourite? Visit Hertfordshire, England

This period drama has been nominated for 10 awards, including acting noms for all three of its lead actresses. The movie was almost entirely filmed at Hatfield House, a 17th-century mansion that is open for public tours in the spring, summer, and fall. Only an hour from London, this is a great day trip.

hatfield house in england

Image source: Hatfield House

Loved The Ballad of Buster Scruggs? Visit New Mexico

This Netflix-distributed anthology film has been nominated for three awards, proving that the golden age of streaming services is in full swing. A love letter to the American Western, it was filmed across several states, including the rocky landscapes of northern New Mexico. Consider embarking on a Southwest road trip to see the America captured in the movie.

rocky landscape of new mexico

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