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Fabulous Trips To Take With Your 2018 Tax Return

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by Jessica Bisesto
Senior Editor

Many Americans dread tax season year after year, but we see it as the perfect opportunity to put some cash toward a dream vacation you've been putting off. Not sure where to start? We did the work for you and found some fantastic destinations for several budgets. No matter how big your return is, remember how hard you've worked this year and #treatyoself.

Getting $500 back?
We love San Diego for the fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and relaxed vibe. Inexpensive flights from many U.S. cities can be found to this southern California gem and affordable accommodations can be incorporated to create a great weekend getaway.

Another affordable option is Cancun. This Mexican resort town offers great beaches and resorts that fit into any budget. A five-night trip for four can cost as little as $372 per person, which includes round-trip flights and a 4.5-star beach resort.

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Getting $1,000 back?
As the U.S. dollar has grown stronger, many European destinations have become more affordable. Portugal offers mild weather year-round, incredible food and stunning architecture. A weeklong trip for two can cost as little as $700 per person from most major U.S. cities.

Prefer a getaway that's closer to home? Head to Hawaii and enjoy the beaches, jungles and luaus while you soak up the sun. We've found flights from the West Coast from as little as $315 round trip and 4-star hotels from just $200 per night.

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Getting $3,000 back?
Why not ball out in beautiful Morocco with your tax return? Round-trip flights to magical Marrakesh can cost as little as $500 from many major U.S. cities which leaves plenty of room to incorporate high-class accommodations and a few nights of glamping in the Sahara Desert.

Seeking the perfect combination of past and future? Head to Japan where you'll find yourself swimming in ancient temples, gazing at stunning backdrops and shopping from vending machines that sell everything and anything. Average round-trip flights from many cities cost less than $600, leaving travelers opportunity to enjoy time in cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka before heading home.

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Getting $5,000 or more back?
Scratch New Zealand off your bucket list this year! Round-trip flights to Auckland can run savvy travelers as little as $600 from major U.S. cities. Admire the stunning landscapes, check out filming locations for the Lord of the Rings, and get your fix of Mother Nature's finest.

Looking to relax in style? Head to Fiji and stay in an overwater bungalow with your tax return! Snorkel reefs, enjoy world-class spa treatments and all the peace and quiet you can take.

Fabulous Trips To Take With Your 2018 Tax Return

Fabulous Trips To Take With Your 2018 Tax Return