Use Tarot Cards To Help Decide Your Next Trip

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You've probably seen Tarot cards used in movies and tv shows to help people predict the future, but that's not just what the cards are about. Tarot spreads can also be used to help guide you to make a decision or gain insight into your life. The cards don't provide finite answers, but instead act as a tool to clarify potential paths towards your future. Since Halloween is approaching, we thought it would be fun to use Tarot cards to help you choose the type of trip that may suit you best.


Look at the three cards below and concentrate on travel as you choose a card that you're drawn to. Next scroll down to see the cards revealed with their meanings.

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Cards Revealed

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Card Interpretations

1. The Hermit
He is seen as the loner in the Tarot and always follows his inner voice to guide him through a spiritual journey. In honor of The Hermit, we suggest heading out on a solo-trip to take some time for meditation and self-reflection.

2. The Lovers
The Lovers is about a balanced loving relationship and equal partnership. This card suggests that you should head out on a couples trip and reconnect with a loved one or a close friend.

3. The World
The World is about understanding your full potential and can be associated with world-travel. We suggest taking a longer multi-country trip for self-reflection or venturing to a more unknown destination to explore.

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