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Love Adventure? Then Apply For An All Expenses Paid 2-Month Trip With TourRadar!

Love Adventure? Then Apply For An All Expenses Paid 2-Month Trip With TourRadar!

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Ahoy there pirates! Ready for an exciting and mysterious adventure? Then you’re in the right place! The TourRadar company with the participation of Intrepid Travel is looking for two travelers who share two things in common: a strong desire to travel the world and a readiness for anything.

The two lucky participants who are selected by the judges will be whisked away on a 50-day journey that spans five continents and includes five all-inclusive tours. All of your costs will be covered such as transport, hotels, and meals—however, there are also some elements of mystery to this exciting contest.

The Element Of Surprise

The agency is looking for two complete strangers to set out together, which means you will not get to know beforehand who your travel partner is. Also, you won't know the destinations of the Tour the World project until a few days before your departure, so if you’re a spontaneous person and lover of surprises, then this is the opportunity for you! It would probably also be worthwhile to note that a camera crew will be following you throughout your entire journey.

Ready To Go?

Then you’ll be glad to hear that applying is simple! All you need to do is send a short video (two minutes) to TourRadar to convince them that you are the right person for this adventure. The deadline for entry is March 24th and the winners will be announced in early April. The journey will start in May and end around mid-July, so if you want to learn more or you’re ready to go on the greatest adventure of your life, then check out the TourRadar site and apply now.

Good luck Pirates!

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