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Traveling Isn’t Always Picture Perfect—But You Should Do It Anyways

Traveling Isn’t Always Picture Perfect—But You Should Do It Anyways

Travel Isn’t Always Insta Worthy

Do you know that person on social media? The one who fills your feed with their perfect photos from their perfect travels that they are taking throughout their perfect life? It often looks as if a professional photographer has been following them around to catch their every gorgeous move at some white sandy beach with crystal blue waters or at the cute, boutique café where they got the perfect latté art and the most Instagrammable poached egg you’ve ever seen. Well, here at TravelPirates we know traveling isn’t always roses, sunshine, and double rainbows.

Travel Can Be Ugly

Sometimes travel is waking up at 3 AM, throwing on a pair of dirty sweats, and tying up your unwashed, greasy hair into a messy bun so you can get through the never-ending TSA line and still make it to your excruciating 26-hour travel haul complete with two 4 hour layovers. These layovers don’t quite give you enough time to leave the airport and explore the neighboring city, so you just end up sequestered by your gate—alternatively napping on a stranger and nibbling on overpriced airport snacks while watching what you managed to download on Netflix the night before.

Sometimes traveling is a mediocre hostel in a questionable neighborhood, but it’s what you could afford at the time so you suck it up and make the best of it even if the straw mattress is making your back sore. Sometimes travel means that you lose all of your belongings, or even worse, have them stolen and you need to involve the local police and your embassy to rectify the situation. Sometimes travel means being thankful that today was just plain okay. Not exciting and vibrant, not dark and ominous, but just a plain old day of the week—maybe even mildly boring, because not everyone moment of your vacation can be the best ever.

So Why Bother?

Travel is not solely about the Instagrammable moments and certainly shouldn’t be used as a tool to flaunt your financial status. Rather, it should be used as a vehicle for you to learn about the world and yourself. Traveling is more meaningful than a pretty picture of a sunset or some enticing food porn. Travel is about getting your metaphorical (and sometimes your physical) hands dirty and doing your best to learn and understand cultures that may clash with your own. It’s about coming to terms with who you are as a person and learning that you have the power to overcome any obstacles that are thrown your way. It’s about physical, mental, and emotional work—even when you thought you were just going to lounge poolside and drink bottomless Mimosas all day long.

Sometimes traveling will be hard, but do it anyways! Travel your heart out and don’t shy away from posting an ‘ugly’ travel photo of what it took for you to get that picturesque sunrise from the mountain peak masterpiece.

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