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The Most Dangerous Travel Destinations in 2023! ⚠️📰

Pirates, the beginning of the year for many is the time when they plan (or at least dream about!) trips to take, which is why the British newspaper Daily Express thought to propose to its readers a ranking of the most dangerous destinations for 2023, just like the saying "if you know them, you avoid them!"

The ranking is, of course, partial and based mainly on crime rate data from the World Population Review, so other criteria that are also important, such as countries currently in a war zone (see Ukraine), are not taken into consideration.

Despite this, it can be a useful guide for thinking about upcoming vacations, perhaps avoiding places that have become riskier lately. Here are all the details below!

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World's most dangerous destinations for 2023

In the ranking of the ten most dangerous destinations for 2023 compiled by the Daily Express, there are destinations that are also very touristy, such as Brazil or Jamaica: of course, their presence in the ranking does not mean that they are to be avoided altogether, but that, if we want to visit them, we need to take the necessary precautions and perhaps inform ourselves and avoid the riskiest airlines.

Of course, we remind you that this ranking is based on crime rates, not in other criteria, such as the presence of endemic diseases. The data refers to the World Population Review, which calculates the crime rate of each country by relating reported crimes to the total population and is referred to 100,000 inhabitants for convenience.

As you can see, seven countries in the top ten are part of Central or South America.

Here is the complete ranking (crimes per 100,000 population):

  1. Venezuela (83,76)

  2. Papua New Guinea (80.79)

  3. South Africa (76,86)

  4. Afghanistan (76,31)

  5. Honduras (74.54)

  6. Trinidad & Tobago (71.63)

  7. Guyana (68,74)

  8. El Salvador (67,79)

  9. Brazil (67,49)

  10. Jamaica (67,42)

What do you think, Pirates?