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The World's Most Beautiful Public Toilet

The World's Most Beautiful Public Toilet

Everyone is familiar with the standard public toilet — not-so-faint smells of urine, (used) toilet paper thrown all around, and little to no privacy. This beautiful public toilet is the complete opposite of that. Soon you'll be wanting to down a few gallons of water just to have the chance to try it out!

This beautiful bathroom is located in Ureddplassen, Norway on road Fv17, one of the country's most scenic driving routes. It's at the top of a cliff and features amazing views of the Norwegian Sea.

Designed by Oslo-based architects Marit Justine Haugen and Dan Zohar, this wave-shaped bathroom is modern, spacious, and warm. Its most recent renovation costed nearly $2 million, so your trip the toilet will be one to remember.

NOR-WAY! We've found the most beautiful public toilet on EARTH! - 2

Translucent glass windows and warm, atmospheric lighting make this glamorous restroom a world away from what you'd find in the US — be it a highway rest stop or the flooded commode in the northern part of Central Park.

Moreover, if this insane toilet's not quite enough for your bucket list (it should be...), it's perfectly situated in an ideal area to observe the Northern Lights.

NOR-WAY! We've found the most beautiful public toilet on EARTH!

Shoot, this toilet might be reason enough to pack up and move to Norway! (or at least plan a trip there)

Alongside one of the happiest populations on earth and a super-high standard of living, this possible toilet is impossible to resist.

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Photo credit: Steinar Skaar/Statens Vegvesen

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