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The Bermuda Triangle Is One Of The World’s Biggest Conspiracies—What Do You Believe?

The Bermuda Triangle Is One Of The World’s Biggest Conspiracies—What Do You Believe?

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle or Hurricane Alley, came to fame in the mid-1900s when journalists began writing pieces about mysterious and unexplained disappearances of boats and airplanes. One of the most famous of these accounts was of the loss of five US Navy torpedo bombers over that exact area. This particular tale took the world by storm and although the Bermuda Triangle remains a mystery, it was further immortalized in the 1970s through various magazines, books, television shows, and later on in films.

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Where And What Is The Bermuda Triangle?

The Triangle itself is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and while the boundaries are not clearly defined, the shape is determined by using the tip of the Florida panhandle, Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles as the three designated points. People the world over speculate what it is that causes so many flights and ships to go missing in this particular area, but none have been able to solve the mystery.

Various scientific studies have been made, some attributing the losses to rogue waves caused by earthquakes, though this doesn’t satisfyingly explain the aircraft disappearances. Others claim that violent weather shifts in the area, including hurricanes, tropical storms, and/or blasts of air exceeding 170 miles per hour, are the cause. Some losses can likely be attributed to plain old human error while others like to claim that supernatural forces such as leftover technical artifacts from Atlantis or aliens are to blame.

However, there are also many others who say that the Bermuda Triangle is just another one of those conspiracies. These people claim that there is no evidence to support that ships and planes disappear at a higher frequency there, then any other large, well-traveled ocean area.

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Is It Still Safe For Me To Vacation There?

Yes, of course! For now, the Bermuda Triangle will remain a mystery, but you shouldn’t let this stop you from visiting beautiful Bermuda or hitting the beaches in Florida or soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. Although no one may ever be able to prove whether the Bermuda Triangle is as dangerous as people claim, we do know that substantial amounts of tourists flock to and travel through this area all the time and make it safely to their destinations, so we’re sure that you will too.

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