Sleep In A Luxury Hotel That Is Literally Out Of This World!

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Are you an avid traveler who has already visited most of the countries on earth? Or just looking to up your Instagram game with a casual earth-rise picture? Look no further pirates, we have a new hotel that is totally far out. Literally.

In a few years (maybe) you'll have the chance to vacation in space, a mere 200 miles from the earth! The Orion Span, an aerospace start-up, is in the midst of planning a space hotel called Aurora Station. With a launch into orbit planned for 2021, the first guests will be able to arrive in 2022.

Aurora Station will accommodate six people at a time, including two crew members, and will be equipped with two private suites. Who knows, maybe it will become the hot new honeymoon destination! You can choose to participate in research projects such as growing zero-gravity food that you bring home as a souvenir. But if you love pure relaxation, you can simply enjoy the view from space.

So now you're saying, "Cool! How much will this all cost me?" CEO Frank Burger hopes that this will be the first luxury space hotel with affordable prices. Well hold on to your eye-patches pirates, you can fly into orbit at the "modest sum" of $9.5 million per person. The price includes training, take-off, and 12 days on board.

You laugh now, but we're one Kardashian family vacation away from this being the hot new destination. Burger claimed that historically it costs $20 to $50 million to get into space, so the price for Aurora Station will be a steal. A bargain for your average millionaire. You can already book your trip on the Orion Span website by paying a fully refundable $80,000 deposit. Start saving people!

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Sleep In A Luxury Hotel That Is Literally Out Of This World!

Sleep In A Luxury Hotel That Is Literally Out Of This World!