This Is How To Clear Customs In The Blink Of The Eye

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Alright, people. We pirates hate clearing customs just as much as the next person. (It's hard to enter a country with the amount of gold and rum we carry.) And on top of all the paperwork, there's nothing worse than getting off a 10-hour flight and standing in a line with the same people you were stuck in that flying metal canister with.

How to Clear Customs Quick

But fear not! We've found what can only be described as a hidden treasure on the app store. It's called the Mobile Passport app — and it's even faster than Global Entry. This app basically replaces the automated passport-control kiosks. You know, the standing computers that only work half the time and take the world's least flattering photos. It also puts you in a completely different line than the other peasants waiting to enter the good ol' U.S. of A.

How Does Mobile Passport Work?

Create a free profile and input information from your passport. Then, when you land back in the states, open the app. Instead of filling out the blue forms that flight attendants pass out, just answer all the questions on Mobile Passport, submit the form to customs electronically and — within a few minutes — you'll have a digital receipt!

Make your way past all the plebeians waiting for a kiosk, and follow the signs for the Mobile Passport line (normally next to Global Entry). Your receipt is only good for four hours, but with how short the lines are, you'll fly through everyone. (Haha, get it? Fly?)

The app is available at 25 different U.S. airports. The reason it's so fast? It's a bit of a secret. The lines will probably get longer as more people learn about it. But, in the meantime, wave to everyone as you zip through to baggage, and enjoy not paying the $100 Global Entry fee!

This Is How To Clear Customs In The Blink Of The Eye

This Is How To Clear Customs In The Blink Of The Eye