Pilots Spotted A UFO Over Ireland And I Am Not Okay With It

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Picture this: it's Friday night and you're sitting on your parents' couch. None of your friends are available so you've contented yourself with eating a giant bowl of popcorn and watching whatever trash TV show you can find. You click past Discovery Channel, and there it is: a 5-part documentary series about aliens and UFO sightings. Nice. It always starts the same way: sightings of bright lights in the sky that no one can explain, pilots phoning it in to aviation authorities and ask about military exercises, and no one has any idea what's going on.


Which brings me to November 9, 2018, somewhere between Montreal and the coast of Ireland.

The pilot for British Airways flight BA94 from Montreal called air traffic control to report a fast-moving object moving past her aircraft, and asked if there were any military exercises taking place off the coast of Ireland she should be aware of.

We all know how this one ends.

The pilot reported that she wasn't on a collision course with the craft, but was just wondering what it could be. Other pilots flying in the area reported the same sighting, with one Virgin Airlines pilot describing the scene as a "meteor, or some other object making a re-entry," and that it appeared that there were "multiple objects following the same trajectory—very bright from where we were."

Then, a third pilot weighed in, noting: "I'm glad I'm not the only one!"

Pirates, I'm no expert on aviation, but I find it pretty suspicious that three pilots in the same area saw something that none of them could identify.


The spokesperson for the Irish Aviation Authority told the Irish Times that a report would be filed and the incident investigated. He said it was unlikely that it was aliens, but I'm skeptical. That's what they always say.

What do you think, Pirates? Are we being visited by aliens?

I hope they're nice.

Pilots Spotted A UFO Over Ireland And I Am Not Okay With It